Actor rotating through pawn instead of pushing

I tried to ask this on the AnswerHub but to no avail. I want the rotating actor to push the pawn off the edge, but it clips into the character and takes the character with it. On the sphere the actor clips on top of the sphere. I’ve noticed that it is fairly often that colliders will glitch into each other unless they are really big, so understanding this would be nice.

Is this a bug or a blueprint scripting error on my part? I understand that the actor simply rotating and taking the space it occupies with it makes sense, but shouldn’t the collision models stop the character and actor from overlapping in the first place?

Here is what I mean by clipping:

Here is the blueprint:

Whether it is a complicated reason or a really simple one, I would still like to understand.

Shouldn’t your CombineRotators A node be the current actor’s rotation? Might work fine like you have if your character is always in the same rotation, but you might experience problems if you allow it to rotate - I’m just guessing here, I never used BP’s before so I have no idea what CombineRotators does (I’m just guessing based on names).

As for your problem: I have no idea if objects should push others by default - unless they are both physics actors. If none gives you an answer - you should try AnswerHub - here is a possible solution: How to allow Character pawn to push other Character pawn? - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Unfortunately this is correct. Objects never push each other if they are not phsic actors. You might want to try a Local Offset depending on the veloicty of the actor that supposed to push, so it would mimic.

It is taking the actor’s current rotation, adding -2 to yaw and setting that as its rotation. I did ask on Answerhub originally (over a week ago) but nobody answered.

I’m not quite sure if I understand because the default character is a pawn and the collision for the rotating thing is set to block all, but I now I know. Thanks guys!