Actor rotate to surface normal by dragging into the world

I just discovered the Surface Snapping checkbox in the editor but it only seems to work for static mesh and not actors.


[Vine showing the difference][2]

I’ve tried searching though the source code but there doesn’t seem to be any indication as to why they behave differently. Blueprint Actors will still snap but not orient. Is this intentional or a technical limitation? Does anyone have ideas to enable it or recreate it within the Blueprint constructor?

Normally I would do my own line trace from the camera to the cursor but I can’t find commands for the editor camera. This is also a problem if I tried to make my own tool to do this: say I’m just editing a parameter and not looking at the object I’m editing or the cursor is off the viewport; the code I’m imagining would still be looking for the cursor to orient the actor and get undesirable results.

did you solve this problem ?

I’ve noticed this too. Snapping works for static meshes as well as blueprints, but rotation only works for static meshes.

hi. I am facing the same issue did you found a solution?

my solution of this is to make a callable in editor function inside blueprint which find surface and snap and rotate to its normal. you can write it without location snap and only rotating.


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