Actor replication is based on local camera location rather than pawns location.

I’m not sure if this is intentional but heres my report


1.I’m using third person template and third person pawn. I’ll set pawns replication distance to 1 000 000 units (10 meters).
2.Set cameraboom’s “target arm length” to 900 units.

3.Press play with dedicated server mode ticked on and with 2 players.

4.Take control of pawn #1 and move pawn #1 400 units away from pawn #2

5.Rotate your pawn #1 so that cameras distance from pawn #2 is more than replication distance.

Expected situation: Pawn #2 still replicates to Pawn #1 since distance is 4 meters/400 units (as set in step 4)

Actual: Pawn #2 is no more replicated to Pawn#1 since distance is actually 400 units AND camerabooms length , total 1300 units. (and network culling distance is 1000 units [1 000 000 squared].

Here is a visualisation

Hey Kauppaneuvos,

The culling distance is going to be based on the view (camera), as that is what will decide what to cull and what not to. Since the camera is at the end of the USpringArmComponent, that is the position at which the culling will take place.

If you want to use the Pawn position as a reference, I would suggest offsetting the NetCullDistanceSquared value by the distance by the Spring Arm “Target Arm Length”…

Thank you for submitting a bug report, however at this time we believe that the issue you are describing is not actually a bug with the Unreal Engine, and so we are not able to take any further action on this.