Actor Reference in Global Editor Utility BP

Does anyone know of a way to grab an actor reference in the editor in a Global Editor Utility Blueprint for Blutility?

“Get All Actors of Class” doesn’t exist and I cannot get the function “Get Actor Reference” to work at all assuming
I understand what it does and am using it correctly (pasting path in from right click/copy reference in content browser).
It just returns NULL.

The thing is, I can get a reference to an actor in the editor in my Global Editor Utility BP but I have to select the actor in the editor first and use “Get Selected”
so it’s not like a Global Editor Utility BP can’t handle it it’s just not a very good way to go about it.

If it helps, what I am doing is writing a BP to explode a hierarchical static mesh BP so the mesh actors can be moved/rotated/deleted/inserted then combine the them back into a blueprint.
It works fine, but I have to “initialize” the Global Editor Utility so it will have a reference to the worker BP in the world by selecting it and doing
a get selected.

The reason I’m not just using a Placed Editor Utility BP is you have to have it selected to run Blutility. But if you select all of
your mesh actors first then select the in world BP you can’t run a Blutility (option doesn’t show up). If you select the BP actor first then click on each mesh individually you can run it just fine but this
won’t work because there are thousands of mesh actors. The work around for this is to hide everything except the BP and mesh actors, select the BP and then do a ctrl-a to select
all and THEN you can run the Blutility but YUCK.

The best way would be just for the Global Editor Utility to be able to just get the actor reference on it’s own.

And yep, I know about the “Instance Tool” Plugin on the market (which looks great) but I don’t like becoming too dependent on plugins that may or may not be supported
in the next version of UE4 or a year from now. So if I can do it myself in BP I like that better.