Actor overlap

There are no events regarding overlapping actors appearing when I look for them in the “All Actions for this Blueprint” menu. I am trying to make an area that teleports the player back to a particular spot when they touch it but I cannot find the event I need that I am seeing in tutorials. Has the name been changed?

You might be trying to create the node in a place where you do not have the rights to create such a node.

For instance, maybe you’re trying to create an Event node while inside a Function Graph.

You have 3 different types of graph in a Blueprint: the Graph, the Functions & the Construction Script.

In the Graph you can create nodes that answer to events (things like OnBeginOverlap).
Functions & Construction Script behaves the same way: you can’t create events here nor can you use Delay nodes.

By default when right-clicking in a blueprint and searching for nodes, Blueprint won’t give you access to nodes you do not have the permission to use here (it’s the little checkbox at the top of the search tab “Context Sensitive”.

If you want to be sure you’re affected by that problem, go back to the Blueprint you weren’t able to create your event and try to enable / disable Context Sensitive. If the event you were looking for is there, it means you were trying to create it in a place you can’t.

Usually, you’re creating the Events on the Event graph.

The quickest way to create your event is to right-click your Trigger in the Viewport (the sphere that detects the player) and to search for the “OnBeginOverlap” event in the drop down “Event” button.