Actor overlap with parent; no overlap event

This issue has to do with actors that do NOT have physics enabled.

I have an actor (A) with several components. All components are movable, except root, and have collision primitives. They are also set to Generate Overlap Events, and are using the OverlapAllDynamic preset.

I have another movable actor (B) that is a CHILD of the above actor (via drag and drop in the Scene Outliner). This actor has all the same collision details as the components described above.

Actor B does NOT fire an overlap event when it comes into contact with actor A or any of actor A’s components.

If I un-parent actor B from actor A the overlap events fire as expected.

So it seems an actor cannot generate overlap events when overlapping with its parent. Is this true?

This was a long time ago. I structured my actors differently to work around this.