Actor order

Still working in the horse actor, all is working fine, the player is attached to the horse using setbase, and then in each tick is updated their location and rotation (because the horse change the roll when is turning).
Also the tickspecial is working fine to climb stairs, the movement is smooth, and the player using apex cloth has any “jump”.

But all of this works if the horse is placed in the persistent level. If the horse is placed in a stream level, or if the horse is spawned during the gameplay, seems to work in a diferent way. The player has a lag respect the horse, very noticeable when the speed is high. And the apex cloth modules “jumps” in the stairs. Also the bots have a lag in the apex cloth components too (but not the player).

I have tried some things. To fix the lag, I use the previous location and rotation. But the others problems remails.

I have tried updating the rider position in the tickspecial event, in the horse and then in the rider. But no solution. Also not using setbase (only the update in each tick), makes no diference.

I have used the vars bNeedsBaseTickedFirst set to true for the rider and false for the horse, and no result.

Seems that the only way to fix all the problems is to have the horse in the persistent level. There are some way to change the proccess order to set the horse before the rider if the horse is spawmed during the gameplay?

Doing to the rider a settickisdisabled(true) and some miliseconds later with false has resolved the problems with the apex, but still I have to use the last location & rotation to compensate the lag if the horse is spawned during gameplay. And when setting, the apex “jumps” too.

I use a variable set to true for the horse spawned or placed in level streams, so I use the last location instead the current location.