Actor or Point is in Elliptic Cone


I’m trying to make a Behaviour Decorator that tell me whenever or not a point is in a basic eliptic circle with a default angle.
I’m trying to do it in blueprint only.

I found [ but i will be honest]( but i will be honest), I’m very bad at math so, i tried to understand and make some test but it didn’t worked…

Basically with that :

StartLocation // The location of my NPC
Direction // The direction the NPC is looking at
Range // The length of the cone, so the max range view of the NPC
Angle // The angle (FOV) of the cone so the FOV of the NPC
TargetPosition // The position of my target

I would like to know if TargetPosition is in the elliptic cone.

Can someone explain what the guys explain in an even easier way? So that I can try to make it?