actor/object orbiting another actor/object

Hi, can anyone suggest that how to make an actor/object orbiting another actor/object through a blueprint?

This one is fairly easy.

Create an empty actor, add a Spring Arm and under the Spring Arm, add a Mesh or Child Actor.

Add a Rotating Movement.

If you need the individual cubes to rotate on themselves switch them to child actors and link an actor with a Rotating Movement.



Hi keyle,
Thank you very much for taking time to reply. In your example, can I replace the cubes with two individual character which can also move independently, I mean can change the radius of the circle (distance between the two characters)? Actually I was finding a solution like two characters in duel fight. The forward axis movement will change the distance between them and the right vector/axis movement will change the character position in side way maintaining the distance between them just like a circle. But the difference is two actor will move in orbit of the other, two actors orbiting each other maintaining a variable radius.

Ok in your situation it sounds more complex. It would probably be best to have the player controller in charge of the orbiting with the two actors being characters and told what to do.

You can Set World rotation and Set Local rotation to this effect. You still need to figure out the trigonometry to **Move **the orbiting character (hint, it will be using SIN/COS and probably a time node).

Hi Keyle,
I forgot to mention one thing, the the character always are facing each other. So, if we use an axis input for side movement, all I need for the controller character to maintain the distance between two characters from the last frame. As I am with the background from 3ds max, all I can imagine a character orbiting other in a path constraint, where the path is a circle and the constraint value is changed with the right axis input and forward axis input will change the radius of that circle. But as a newbie I can’t fix this in unreal engine, waiting for someone with a clue.

Ok, now I can define it more concisely. Actually I have get a length between the two character. Now all I need to maintain the length from last frame while moving sideways. How can I do it?

When train cars get together, they form a coupling that is kind of like a handshake, where the couplers (I think they are called) join together, and one pulls the other along with it. When they want to decouple the cars, they stop grasping each other and go to a sort-of extended fingers position.

What if you were to have a special collision blocking volume a certain distance from one actor, and it only blocks a specific volume and the actor. Then you could probably put another of the same type of collision blocking volume on another actor that is also a certain distance from it. Now if you placed one blocking volume within the space between the other volume and its actor, theoretically it should pull along that other volume, the actor coming with it.

Then again, it’s probably just a crazy idea I just had, daydreaming about trains while I am at work…

Can someone please post a blueprint example of one actor orbiting another without using Rotator or SpringArm?