Actor / Object Hierarchy?

I’m having trouble understanding the basics of the hierarchy of objects in unreal versus how unity worked.

It seems like with c++ or blueprints either way when I spawn actor its only attaching to the WORLD and I am unable to attach actors to other actors…

Ideally I could have an actor that is a container, and spawn objects into that, so that if i offset/rotate etc, all teh children actors move along with it.

I see that this does exist with “Add Component” inside on empty actor just within the UI of buildling objects/levels… so… is there a video or tutorial somewhere that can help describe for me how this works and how I can move forward spawning “children” actors that are attached to “parent” actors so the group all moves together?

Thanks in advance!

I think you could make use of ActorComponentsfor this task.

Alright, I’ll look into that, how to do it with blueprints/c++, thanks!