Actor not staying in correct location once attached

I am trying out some stuff with blue print in a 2D game and am trying to attach an actor to a physics actor so it will stay connect where it hit when the object it hit moves around. I am basicly trying to get a projectile that i fire to stick to a physics object that will move around. I am currently doing this using attach to component. The sprite for the component I am attaching to has a socket that my actor attaches to once hit. Now it attaches to the object but will not stay in the correct location. The physics object and the projectile (Attached object) move in diffrent directions and do not stay together.

Example of obejct attached to physics object:

Example of this physics object now moved:

Sorry if the screen shots are bad. You can’t see the attached object move much as it does not move much at all. It just slowly moves in the other direction of the physics object. I have tryed attaching the projectiles to other players and it seems that the attached objects are trying to fight to get back to where they where originally attached in the world. I am not sure why any of this is happening and just want the objects to attach and move around with the object they are attached to. Kinda like an arow from a bow sticking into a shield then that shield moving around with the object still at

I hope some one can find an answer to this. It will help me out very much.
Thank you for any replies and help on this qeustion in advance.