Actor not placed in stand alone build

Hello guys,

I just started learning UE5, I never developed in UE before, so my problem will likely be trivial :frowning:

I followed some tutorials, like the Countdown (cpp script) tutorial, I added some additional code to it. Everything is working swimmingly … when I launch it in the editor in ‘Selected Viewport’. However when I build an apk or exe (build is succeeding, I had no issues with any of those). My custom actors are just … not there. I am bashing at this my head since morning, and I couldn’t find any info.

For some reason I can’t build the solution via vs, but live coding build works fine, any modifications I do are picked up via that.

As a side note I also created a ‘Spanw Actor from custom class’ node in my Level blueprint, so I added an actor via Quick Add…/Countdown and spawned another one via that node. In the editor/selected viewport both of them are spawned, in standalone mode(or when built) neither of them. I have started my project from a blank non open world template, no starter assets.

Any idea what could be the reason?

Sorted it out short after posting this… Future reference: for some reason I did require a build from VS, which was failing while UE editor is running (due to live coding). So my current workaround is to close the editor, do a build, and than restart editor… It is a bit tedious.