Actor not moving while standing on it - which can't be correct, obviously.

Am trying to move an actor when the player stand on that actor. But it doesn’t move a single millimeter.

When I [override world gravity: 0.0] and set the player just above that actor, it is all working fine.

Can live with the gravity set to 0, since I expect I need to provide my own spherical or fvector-directional gravitation if I want such (correct my assumption if it’s wrong).

moving the entire scene rather then the player
in the editor things get wobbely at greater distances

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There must be one thing I am doing wrong or what I don’t know. Code is simple. Just an ‘empty’ AActor with some children for geometry. Using GetActorLocation on the empty node. Then SetActorLocation with the modified by negated forward vector.

Can it be something about the collision setting?