Actor Names in Outliner are Different Colours?

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone knows why actor names appear in different colours in the Outliner?

Before I run the game, the actors in my main menu level and my playable level are displayed in white text;



When the game is run, on the main menu, many more actors are spawned in (via the GameMode I believe) and these appear in yellow;


On my playable level, interestingly the GameCamera which was in white is now also in yellow - and even more interestingly, it is this I am currently having some problems with;


Can anyone explain what the difference in colour means? I assumed initially it was perhaps “temporary” actors, e.g. those that had been spawned in, but being that my GameCamera was already in the level, its not “spawned”, this wouldn’t make sense.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Rob, the yellow names are things added by the system at runtime.

EDIT: See what you mean, have you tried changing the name of the actor?


Thanks for the reply, and that’s what I’d come to believe, but you see the “GameCamera” object in that last screenshot. That’s not being added at run time, its already placed in the level.

It’s kinda weird… I have nothing else trying to spawn that object…

Hey, (my replies are still delayed - sorry)

I’ve just renamed “GameCamera” to Smurf…

If I run the playable level on its own, it stays in white text…

If I however run the game from the main menu level, which in turn loads the playable level, it then turns yellow again…

Now that I say that out loud (type it)… I wonder if its turning yellow because its the other level that has caused this level to load, and thus, effectively, the object was added at runtime…