Actor name while debugging doesn't display anymore

Previously when I was debugging using visual studio, I could see the “name” of the actor using the this pointer and the name of anything which I had a pointer to in debugging. However recently (4.5 update?, 4.5.1? Is it even an update?) I get ComparisonIndex and DisplayIndex and Number instead of the name of the instance of the actor. This is extremely annoying as it hinders debugging. Is there any way to turn it back to displaying the old debug info? It was way more informative, I don’t see any reason why this method is more beneficial. Is it an option I fiddled with, or is it for everyone?

Any feedback on this? It used to show the name of components and such on overlap debugging for example, now it shows some stuff that is not useful.

check your compiler optimizations options in VS. Sometime visual studio hides details because of optimizations.

Turn off optimizations and you should be able to see more stuff during debugging.

Try reinstall VS visualizers, script is located here:


Is this from the source engine only? I can see this file in the source engine builds that I have but not from the ones I download from the launcher. The project i’m working on isn’t built from source :(.

This script should be placed in one of required archive to build whole engine:

Had to copy UE4.natvis to the Visual studio install directory ([VSINSTALLDIR]/Common7/Packages/Debugger/Visualizers/UE4.natvis), the last steps in link text. I swear I did this before, I don’t have any idea how it got deleted. Thanks for pointing me towards the problem.

Can I convert my comment to answer ?:slight_smile:

yes please