Actor Motion-Blur Scale/Deactivate

Hey Epic,

Happy New Year! I wanted to get this posted ASAP as it potentially affects an alternative I want to implement. In two titles I’m working on, VR compatibility especially could benefit from Epic adding in a way to disable Motion-Blur per-object by omitting the Velocity data you render to compute it or by making your WVP = Last WVP from the previous frame to make it think the object didn’t travel any distance. Back in UE3, there was a per-object Motion-Blur scale and if you had a way of giving us the tools of either disabling it or scaling it in either direction, that would be awesome!

The issue with a 3D HUD in game (even if attached to a CameraComponent), is that it will blur a tremendous amount because of the difference in the World translation between frames. But I’ve compiled a couple links of other community members begging for this feature and I think since of the current limitations of UMG (ie. lack of integration in the deferred shading model and instead rendered later) and this would really help a lot of people out that want to attach a 3D HUD to take advantage of the deferred model with UMG and more so for devs trying to do this in VR.

Thanks again and very much looking forward to the improvements in 4.11 :D!!! Take care and have a great week!


This please. Noticed so many people have this issue and its still not resolved.