Actor local rotation/pivot problem

By the way, add local actor rotation dont seem to do anything, it doesn’t rotate at all…

I have made an actor that has a collision box in it. This collision box is supposed to detect players in it and set their rotation to its (not including the yaw to make the players still able to move). It works for one axis, though when the player looks around, the rotation the collision box apply, is kept local. So if the box is tilted to the right, I’d like the player to be tilted to the right, regardless of its rotation… How can i manage this?
Everything is shown in this video:

Thanks in advance

Can you post your code controlling the rotation?

The rotation for the player, is just “add yaw input” meanwhile i have a script that tilts the collision box from side to side, though that doesn’t really matter… It should work even if it doesn’t constantly shift rotation