Actor is visible on Desktop, but completely hidden on Laptop for some reason

Trying to wrap my small fragile little mind around this.

I work in a shared project through the app Perforce. Me and a friend. The project files are shared between 3 machines. My friends PC, my Desktop and my Laptop.

The project loads fine on all 3 machines, except for some weird reason, my Laptop has an Actor that just does not display whatsoever, not in editor, not on play, even the Actor Blueprint file, nothing shows in the viewport.

The actor can be selected though, both in the BP viewport and in Editor viewport. I have made sure to see if the “Set to hidden in game” thing is not checked. I have done a fresh re-install of both Perforce and UE 4.27. Ran a disk cleaner, redownloaded the project files etc.

It’s just so bizarre, because everything we do in the project gets checked out, submitted and reflects across all machines. Works fine on his one and my desktop. But just doesn’t wanna show on my Laptop… Why??

Would appreciate any help, thankyou.