Actor is deform after spawning.

Hello all,

I started learning UE4 few month ago and i’m now trying to learn basics in mutliplayers.
Actually, i’m looking at the UnrealEngine playlist on youtube that is talking about blueprint multiplayer. (Blueprint multiplayer by Unreal Engine)

Everything is going good… til the last chapter.

The idea of the project is to create a host / join session where you can choose your character.
After that you will servertravel to your game map.

Everything is good on the lobby side. I can choose my character and setup the options. I can move my character normally on the lobby.
But when i join the game map, something strange is happening.
My character spawn correctly with the choice i made on the lobby.
But the character is strangly deformed… looks like flat…
Map isnt. Chat window isnt.
The camera control is also strange. Not working as usual.

Here is 2 screenshots i took.

I think the problem is coming from my PlayerControler, but cant be sure.
Maybee a VR option activate? Dont know.
Checked at least 10 times my PC and GM options… Every options is the same on lobby and map.
I had delete PC and GM and do them again from scrath. Same problem.

Spend actually 2 days ont this bug and broke my tooth on.

Someone has an idea ?

It took me finally some more hours to debug it by myself.

Giving the origin of the bug here. Maybee it will serve someone one day.

I used the GetTransform function on PlayerStart and give it to the function SpawnActorFromClass.
Looks like when i build the map i had changed the size of the player starts.
So here is the origin of the anormal size of my Actor…

I debug it changing the GetTransform function by the GetLocation one.