Actor help

hey guys i ran into 2 problem’s… first issue is that i spawn my character and it replicates and possesses fine but there is a delay on when the un possessed character disapears even though i have no destroy actor and the second problem is i allow one of my guys to float around with a button press but the client will not do it even though the server does it fine
maybe im missing something or just forgot a node.

this is the actor spawn issue

and this is the hover issue

The server does the action but when I try it on the client I am able to jump once
then it stops so I can’t jump I’ll try the server thing but I’m at a loss as to why it
Would lock me out of a action

I think the Client might be trying to do it but it’s not telling the Server to do it too, and then the server very quickly replicates the character’s position back to the client, and it’s not the hovering position.

I think this because I don’t see in your BP anything that tells the server to make its version of the pawn hover.