Actor Has Tag won`t execute Play Sound 2D

Hello Dear All,

I have bunch of props in blueprint (every prop have own staic mesh actor blueprint!) and i would like to give them a tag and then execute sound for specify material when player (first person) pickup them ! Here one of them in the attachment which failed after houndred attempt !

Do you have any idea guys why it`s not working ?

Thank you and Regards

you are using “self” (which is your Character) as a target. You need to put your Crowbar actor into it

Hi @RaideX_ thank you for your answer, pickup/drop event actually general blurprint for all kind of objects which is dealing also mass ! I referenced crowbar blueprint as you sad but still getting error. Here rest of the blueprint: issue.JPG i have already have general sound for all pickupable object but i need to add additionally metal sound for crowbar and in order to do that i have to use taging but still struggling…

Here it`s working but for all actors not specific one still looking for solution : solution.JPG

If somebody get similar issue as i faced here the solution: just adding actor variable solved my issue… !