Actor has tag always return false

Hi, I’m trying to make my enemy react differently when hit by different actors with tags . My problem is that all tags return false. I could solve it by casting to the class but I really want to be able to use tags since it will make it easier later in my project (and seems to be more efficient).

Just to be clear, I double-checked that I’m using Actor Tags and Not Component Tags. I have no clue of what I’m doing wrong since I’m seeing others do what seems to be the same but with working results.

Any suggestions are welcome!



If you reading from “Other comp”, you will get tags from “Tags” section of “Details” (Comonents Tags). You need use “Get Owner” to get “Actor” and use “Get Tags” to get tags from “Actor” section of “Details”.

Hi svv3dUDN.

Getting the same results. It will only return false.

Not that I think it matters, but I see you’ve chosen to set this up in your projectile while mine is in the enemy pawn.

Hey, did you ever sort this out? I’m having the same problem. Definitely using Actor Tags, but still getting only False. It’s also an actor pawn.

Hey -

Can you show how you’re setting up and using the Actor Has Tag node? I was able to create add a tag to an actor and in that actor blueprint use the Actor Has Tag node which printed the “true” portion of my branch node.

Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. Buuut, I actually figured it out by just throwing nodes around, haha.
I needed the “Get Controlled Pawn” node. Even though it wasn’t giving an error with the “Actor Has Tag” target as “self”. Thats what eventually did it.