Actor explodes after re-parenting!

Ok rookie mistake here, accidently I’ve been building my main character based on Pawn instead of character. Now deep into its functionality I’ve hit roadblocks such as not being affected by physics volumes and HUD updating. Thinking all I’d need to do is re-parent to character and remove the motion controller I needed to move as a pawn class(should have told me something was up back then -sigh-). After doing this and other minor tweaking to disable the root capsule’s collision because I built my own box because I’m driving a car instead of person. 5 seconds after clicking play, poof no more character actor. Help? Any direction or advice? I’m really trying to avoid a ground up rebuild. Script is a bit complex now but can provide screenshots if needed.

Quick before this goes any further – are you going to make this into a networked multiplayer game? If you are, keep in mind that the only Pawn class that comes with Unreal that will give you smooth movement of your pawn over network is the Character pawns. Everything else does not have smooth network movement built in and you have to somehow figure out how to do it yourself.

Thanks for your reply, yes we did hope to get there with the project.

I’m afraid I can’t be of much help other than that warning. I have tried to do my own smoothing and it has been a horrible nightmare, so hopefully someone on your team knows how and can do it in C++