Actor doesn't replicate on Client

Hey guys,

in the first person character blueprint, I create an actor when the user presses the left button.
I set all the variables to “Replicated” but still, the actor doesnt’t spawn in Client.

I also set the Actor itself to “Replicates” and “Net load on Client”, same problem.

What am I missing here?

This is using the First person template and on the Projectile blueprint i set it to replicate. always keep in mind, only server can replicate to other clients, so you have to tell the server to execute the spawn process if you need it to be shown to everyone.

Thank you for your answer. This is what I tried.
The ball still doesn’t show on the server. It is created in the client but the server doesn’t know it!

nonono, BallSpawn does not replicate on all, check my screenshot, its only Replicate on Server
remember this: clients dont replicate to all, only server, but if the Blueprint already has “replicate” checked, all you need to do is tell the server to run the spawn, he will execute it and the ball will autoreplicate to all (if called from server)

I tried this. Now the ball won’t even spawn in client. Server is replicating to client, but client doesn’t replicate on server.

try using a similar setup as mine where you pass the coords through the event and the ball is checked on replicate

FINALLY! I did it. It turns out, I must pass all the needed variables as parameters to the custom event. Thanks for your help. I’m grateful to you.