Actor doesn't attach anymore after being detached from player

Hello everyone. So I have a little bit of struggle understanding what’s wrong with my blueprint.
The logic is: I have a master_interactable actor that you can pickup. The pickup logic basically works as if you’ve simply attached the master_interactable to one of my player’s scene component. To do this I turn off “simulate physics” for the static mesh in the master_interactable blueprint, and turn it back on and detach the interactable actor when I throw/drop this item.

  1. Grabbing the Item:

  2. Dropping the item:

BUT, when you drop the item once, for some reason, although I always do a “set simulate physics - false”, I cannot pickup the item a second time. It is still droppable/throwable, but from the position where it’s located when I try to pick it up and not from player’s hands.

Any ideas, did I miss something?

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maybe it is collision type? they are expected be the same type to be attach together

When enabling / disabling physics, components can get detached from their parent. You can either set the static mesh as the root or repartent it. Try if that solves your problem.


Will check, thanks.

Works like a charm, cheers for the heads up.

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I’m seeing the same thing. Once a weapon is thrown or dropped it cannot be picked up again. My static mesh is the root though. The character can play the picked up animation but the mesh is not moving / reattaching.