Actor disappears sporadically


I am having a problem with a moving platform actor. I have it set to begin a new timeline when its box collision component (detect_enemy) stops overlapping with its enemy character (enemy red). About half of the time it works fine and the platforms begins the new timeline; the rest of the time, the platform simply disappears once the enemy is destroyed.

Here is the blue print that triggers the new timeline. Any help would be appreciated, and of course I can provide any more info that might be needed. Thanks!


A screenshot for On Component Begin Overlap would have helped but I think the problem is that you have 2 timelines playing together. Stop one when you start the other.

And you should shake if it isn’t better to plug into Play from Start.

cool, thanks! I wound up adding a sequence node to my end overlap chain and put the sequence node’s first output plug into the first timeline’s stop input, but the result is the same.