Actor Construction Blueprint not called in packaged build

For actors which are statically placed into the Level, the Construction Blueprint is never invoked! The event graph is still functional , I still get BeginPlay for example.

To reproduce:

  • Open Tappy Chicken
  • Create a new Actor Blueprint
  • Add a Print String node to the construction blueprint
  • Drag an instance of this new Blueprint into the default level
  • Play it - notice “Hello” is printed immediately
  • Package for Windows - play it - notice it doesn’t get printed

If you package in shipment configuration, PrintString to screen is automatically disabled in the build, so this is expected behaviour.

I was doing a development build, so the print screens are working. In any case, if you do anything at all in the construction blueprint it doesn’t work.

Hey Clapfoot,

We looked into your report and I was able to recreate the issue that you were coming across. I also looked into our bug list and saw that it has been reported and will be fixed with the 4.2 upcoming release. If the problem is still occurring during the 4.2 release, please open this report back up and I will test it again.

Thanks and have a great day!