Actor Component with external code

Hi everyone,
I’m developing a framework which is able to simply design the behaviour of things in smart environments. I’m testing it in domotics with smart appliances, and museums with smart paintings.

I developed such a framework as a standalone program. Now I want to test it in ue4.
I thought to add it as an actor component, in order to be able to attach it as I need.

Now the problem is:
Which is the best way to add my code in ue4? My code will be free, so I have no problem to directly include c++ classes. I tried with dlls following this guide and others without any success :mad:

Thank you

Do you have to link it via a library? Can you not create a UE4 plugin and drop your code in there. The advantage of that being you could control Unreal’s interface to the code.

I didn’t try with plugin yet but I don’t want to link a library. My framework should be as much portable as possible and creating dlls is in the opposite direction.
I will try by creating a plugin!

Thank you