Actor Component is not visible in the plugin

I created a plugin through the menu: Edit → Plugins → CreatePlugin, according to the template “Blank” with the name “TestPlugin”. Then I created a class through the menu: File → New C ++ Class, indicated the parent class “Actor Component”, then wrote the class name “TestPluginComponent” and selected the target module “TestPlugin (Developer)”.

In Visual Studio, a folder “Plugins” appeared with the plugin “TestPlugin” and all the files of the created class. Then I add the base cube to the scene and try to add to it the component created earlier through the green button “Add component”, but it is not there. What needs to be added that TestPluginComponent appeared there?

I found a solution. Need to close the project, delete the Binaries folder from the plugin folder in the project ([Project name]/Plugins/[Plugin name]/Binaries). Run the project, it will be proposed to rebuild the plugin, agree.

After that the component will be available :slight_smile:

Next, whenever you add a new function to the plugin class, in order for the changes to occur, you must delete the folders:

[Project name]/Intermediate

[Project name]/Plugins/[Plugin name]/Intermediate

[Project name]/Plugins/[Plugin name]/Binaries

Restart the project to rebuild the plugin and select File → Refrech Visual Studio Project in the editor. If an error occurred while starting the project, then why this happened can be found in [ProjectName]\Saved\Logs[ProjectName].log.


helpful answer!!!