Actor Component Event Initialize Component Missing

Is the Event Initialize Component no longer an option for components? I am trying to set up a health/damage component I can drop into actors and was going to use the Initialize Component Event there to to create a binding to Damage Event. If this is no longer an option, any suggestions for what I should be using?

Post screen please if possible. I did something with components too but i dont have idea how you want to use them.

Sure, this is in my component Event Graph, was looking for Event InitializeComponent 1cec6d1784bf8b3861e6eedb923a41b6.png

It seems like basic damage handling… i recommend you store hp/shield variables in character bp… or it is not possible for your project?
In my game what i currently working on, i use damage event, i plug into that event actor which i want to damage and damage value… in character bp i call damage event and subtract hp minus damage :slight_smile:

Thanks. I had originally set it up like that, but decided to try using components so that I could plug them into different types of characters and bots without setting it all up all the different functions and variables in each. This part of it looks pretty simple though the Health Damage gets kind of elaborate with aiding, bandaging, setunconsicous and recover functions along with a few more things I am still working on. I wanted to have a variety of weapons I can drop in components for that too. I was going to set this up components and interfaces to handle it all though I am still pretty new to all this.

I was following this tutorial from Unreal channel.


I probably understand what you want to do. But i dont have idea why must be that component initialized (that components are set to actors before everything start right? Like mesh etc…) Imo create only normal events and if you hit actor with bullet, cast actor to your hero, then get his component and call some event in his component… imo it should work

Ok cool thanks, I’ll try that.

I think Event Initialize Component became Event Begin Play for components somewhere down the line to be consistent with other blueprints.


Ah ok, yeah I was starting to think that might have been the case though I wasnt sure as I couldnt get what I was doing to work.

Is there an official answer to this? I was looking for the same node, and I don’t fully understand why it would be replaced by BeginPlay if the documentation states that it is called BEFORE BeginPlay? Just wondering if I am not doing something wrong to access the node.

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I have exactly the same question and concerns @blindminds