Actor Component Details not Visible

I had a pawn created in C++ with a few different components. It has a motion controller component, but after selecting it, the properties were not showing up in the details panel. I could see and edit the properties of the other components, and I could even create a new motion controller component and select it and see its properties. I could even make a new pawn with a motion controller component and see and edit its properties.

I tried deleting the generated files and remaking them and recompiling. I also read about different specifiers for the UPROPERTY that people used, such as combining VisibleAnywhere with Meta AllowPrivateAccess or MakeEditWidget. Neither of those worked.

Some bizarre behavior - I commented out all of the code in the constructor that created and attached all of the components (except for the root component, which was assigned to a new scene component) and after I recompiled, the motion controller was somehow showing up in the component list. When I uncommented the code and recompiled, I was able to see and edit the motion controller properties in the details panel but it crashes the editor, see motion_controller_crash.txt and if I get it working, but close and reopen the editor I am no longer able to see or edit the properties.

I think this may be a bug, but I’m not sure how to recreate it.

I’m not sure why the original controller’s properties weren’t showing up in the details panel, but I was able to create a new motion controller variable with a new name and delete the old one.