Actor Collision

Hello Unreal community!

New person here with what I hope is a simple request.
I’m looking to create collision with an invisible wall with one character, and then none with another. What would be the best way to go around this?

(Specifically I have a cursor that I don’t want to be able to move past a certain boundary for a limited build area and then switching to third person character they can pass through with no issues)

I’ve tried collision channels but they don’t seem to make any difference on my characters, custom channels still act like pawns. Any help?


You just have a blueprint containing a collsion box. The box is set to ‘block all’. On overlap, cast to see what kind of pawn it is, only turn off the collsion if it’s the right kind of pawn.

Wouldn’t this prevent anything else passing through it at the same instance? Say, an allowed AI tries to pass through at the same time as the disallowed player? I was hoping for an option outside of blueprints as this will require having to keep turning it back on and off

This also prevents me from being inside the box. I need a more complex shape that the player can be within but can’t leave unless they switch out to the other character. I’m also looking to add some AI that can pass through and others that can’t leave. Would this not be more effective by having a channel that simply allows and disallows certain actors/pawns? Sorry if I’m not explaining myself very well!

How about this:

I’ve found the problem, characters use physics assets for collision and this is preventing me from changing the channels unfortunately. Would it be best to simply use a pawn class for my characters, I’m not really interested in physics so much, especially as one of them is essentially a circle selection style cursor. I’ll have to add my own movement input but I’ll at least be able to use meshes with channels.