Actor collision types. Help plz

I need help with actor collision types. For example, I have this enemy actor chasing me, but he activates a trigger that only I’m supposed to activate. But both of our collision is actor. How do I make the enemy have a different type of collision, so that it wont activate a trigger that I’m supposed to activate?

instead of modifying the collision why not just have a condition in your trigger script. for example lets say your using a overlap event, in that case you could take the other actor pin and either cast to the players class or use a equal node and a branch to see if the overlapping actor is the player. another option you could use is the actor has tag node and set all your enemies to have the tag or only the player to have the tag. these options will control if the script following them runs so it can eliminate the issue you describe.

What I did for my project was to setup custom Collision Channels and Custom Presets in Under Project Settings → Collision

Then, I was able to use those when setting Collision settings on my static meshes. This way Enemy Projectiles Ignore enemies etc.

Hope this helps.

FYI - When expanding presets - after you make custom presets, I had to drop it down, raise it up, and then drop it down again to get the scroll br to be able to scroll down to see them.