Actor <-> Character class communication

Hello Unreal Community,

again I have to confront you with a beginner question.

I want to implement a widget spawning actors into the level, after the thumbnail referring to the actor got selected in a blueprint widget and gets drag’n’dropped to the correct place. This should end up into a kind of room configurator. We have a room, take a chair, add a desk etc.

In order to do this, I implemented three classes which are relevant for this issue:

  1. An item class. Let’s take a chair as an example. There are some variables in that class (itemName, itemThumbnail, itemDescription … ) with default values in it, which should be transmitted to my…

  2. … character class. Here I want to build an array of all items (chair, desk, monitor etc.). This array is used to …

  3. … populate the uniform grid panel in my Blueprint Widget class.

THE PROBLEM: In my character class, I don’t have access to the information in the item class. This is due to I have no object spawned yet, when the game starts, which I could could use as the object for casting.

THE QUESTION: How to get access to the item class information in the character class.

Thank you for any answers in advance!