Actor can't detect mouse input

Hello i need help, my assignment project setting suddenly gone and right now my actor can’t detect mouse input, the blueprint script does not run at all.

here my assignment project, someone please save me i left about 48h to addin additonal feature for submission my assignment, i can’t add in more feature as the mouse input not working.

it about 1.6gb and is a 2d puzzle game.

i able to solve the problem by create new default puzzle game template and copy the setting. idk what cause the config issue, i hope i can get answer as this occur quite alot time for me

If you have any other mouse input events in your project, make sure none of them are set to “Consume Input”. You can find this by clicking the event node and checking the details panel. This is also true for axis value pure function nodes (such as “Mouse X” / “Get Mouse X”).

Additionally, check that the actor has Input Enabled and set to the correct Player.

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