Actor BP Doesn't Save Procedural Mesh Component

I add a procedural mesh component to my bp actor. Implement everything and it compiles and run fine.

I save all then close the editor down. When I open the editor again. The procedural mesh component is gone from the actor and all my blueprints are broken.

You ever get this figured out? I’m getting the same issue in 4.22.3

What class is your BP?

I was able to find out this only occurs on ShooterCharacter, which is a child of character in the ShooterGame example project. I’m unable to reproduce this with other default engine actors.

I was able to resolve this by modify the ProceduralMeshComponent.uplugin file by changing the LoadingPhase from Default to Predefault. This requires changing an engine plugin so ideally this change can be applied by epic as well.