Actor Blueprint wont show in sequence render

Hi i hope i am writing to the right place. I have some issues doing a cinematic render trough sequencer. I have quite a complex scene… i mean i got a boat with a lot of meshes in one blueprint. I use the Path follow plug in to move the boat. It follow a curve trough the map. My end goal would be that the sequencer camera follows the boat as a target but unfortunately so far the boat it self doesnt appear in any of my render. And i cant find any way to make it visible. Does anybody have any suggestion what could be the problem… i watched a lot of tutorial about the topic but none of the methods helped me so far…

cant think of anything except to test the followings:

  1. remove the take recorder and render via sequencer
  2. change the fps in final render to 30 (standard)
  3. change to another bp actor to test.

your cut track says cinecameraactor1
and your camera is the sequencer is cine camera actor?
maybe it’s rendering out of a different camera