Actor blueprint events not firing after spawning actor in question

I have a blueprint with an ActorOnClicked event. If I add one/multiple of these blueprints into a level they work fine. The event fires when I click on one of the actors. My game has a HUD which partly functions as an inventory. You can click an icon and an actor (item) spawns into view and you can then set it in place by clicking somewhere in the view.

When I spawn the actor via the HUD I set it’s collision mode to “No collision” and I set a variable that the game is in a PlacingObject mode. The actor blueprint has an Event Tick event which makes it follow the mouse as long as the PlacingObject mode is on. After clicking somewhere in the view the PlacingObject mode is set to false and the actor stops following the mouse cursor.

Problem is that after setting the actor into the view when I click it with the mouse the ActorOnClicked event doesn’t fire. The same event does still work on the other actors (which are of the same blueprint) which I’ve placed manually outside the game. The blueprint has also a RadialDamage event. This doesn’t fire either but on the actors which I’ve placed manually it does fire.