Actor Blueprint - Adding a trigger volume

Hello forum!

In this tutorial ( that I followed, for adding a trigger volume into an Actor Blueprint, he’s finding the component “Shapes -> Box”.
I guess this is from before 4.9, as I cannot find the “Shapes”. Do I need to use the “Basic Shapes -> Box”? If so, how do I remove the collision and the material?

I simply can’t be true that I need to remove collision + material every single time I want to add a trigger volume within an actor blueprint? Am I doing something wrong? Is there another component that I can use?


I found that I could do this with a collision component, setting the “Collision Preset” to “Trigger”. Is this the correct way to do it?

Yes adding a Box Collision component is what you should be using for a Trigger and the Trigger preset sets its collision channels up to reflect what its purpose is, if you want it to react differently to other types of colliders then you can change the collision preset.