Actor attachment causes actor to vanish!


I am having issues with the following setup:

I have a moving actor that is spawned in my game, and I want it to have a particle trail.
When the moving actor is destroyed, I want to particle trail to persist for a few seconds, and fade out gradually.

I therefore thought that the best way to accomplish this would be to spawn the moving actor, and then spawn a child actor that contains the particle system.
I would then attach this child actor to the moving actor, and have them move together.
Once the destruction of the moving actor is triggered, I remove the actor that contains the particle system, and set a timer that, upon expiry, destroys it.

I am able to get the actors to spawn as expected, but when I attach the actor containing the particle system to the moving actor, it vanishes…

In the screenshot below, I have the actor with the particle system spawning, and being attached…


Any ideas?


Change Location rule from “Keep Relative” to “Keep World”, otherwise your mesh will use same offset it had to the previous parent, but relative to the new one

Ahhhhh! I knew it would be a silly misunderstanding!

I was thinking that by “keep relative” it would keep the relative distance between the two actors at the moment they were attached to each other by the "attach to"´node… So in my understanding, with the actors spawning “on top” of each other, the engine should have calculated their relative distance as being zero and set the attachment location of the particle system actor to (0,0,0) on the moving actor.

I would guess then that because the spawned actor (the one that contains the particle system) doesn’t have a parent, the “attach to” node is taking the relative location from the world origin? Meaning that the particle system actor is being attached to the moving actor with a relative location of (12000,-5000, 7000) or something?

Thanks for the help!