Actor array weapon select?

Hi, I’m trying to create a system for choosing weapons before the a match starts and from the pause menu, similar to Call of Duty but instead of classes you just change which guns you would like to use. All of my current 2 guns have been placed into an actor array which is named Weapon Select, my intention is to set a variable up which I can change in a menu later on but at the moment my problem is plugging the array into my SpawnActor. The picture included shows what I first tried with no result. My get weapon is plugged into my Event BeginPlay if that makes any difference.

Any advice for a noob?

When you Set Equipped Weapon, you’re actually nullifying the reference. I think you just missed a connection.

I realised that shortly after posting, however I couldnt plug the return value into Equipped weapon, my work around was turning the get weapon into a function which allowed me put the equipped weapon variable back in. Now i just need to figure out changing the intergers from UI