Actor always spawns at 0,0,0 no matter what

It’s just a spawn actor from class, the transform is the origin of the bp spawning it’s bounds. If I do a print string it says it’s in the right location except I can physically see that it isn’t.

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Can you show us the code for the spawn? Specifically how you make the Transform.


Ahh… What kind of thing is the master spawner? Does it have a known center / pivot point?

I’m assuming you’re print string comes out with the correct result, I’m wondering if you might have to move to actor after spawning…

It’s a bp actor with a scene component and a ■■■■ ton of hism components. I use this to drive the spawning of details around the region like trees, rocks, flowers etc etc…

It’s set to moveable as well and it’s quite easy to see that it isn’t in the right spot as it has a trace in a large bounding box that is the same size as the level so it being on 0,0,0 makes a hard edge on the terrain where nothing is being spawned.

I’m thinking it’s colliding with something already present, and defaulting to the origin. Can you try a more ‘vicious’ collision handling overide? ( like ‘dont’ care - spawn anyway’ )

The collision handling override doesn’t seem to change anything.

Wump there it is. The bounding boxes on the children were not set correctly, the origins were set to 0,0,0 and I mistook that as the actor was still at 0,0,0.

Ok… When you say ‘definitely in wrong place’ you’re looking at the spawn volume? Is that a child component?


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@ClockworkOcean @PerCat ooooooooohhhhh WOW!!! Thank you so much! That 1 line hit me like a brick truck LOL - it was a child and I didnt event realize it (or that that could of been the issue!) So many hrs hitting my head. Thanks again!