Activision Blizzard Launches Film & TV Studio: Call of Duty Movies Coming?

At its 2015 Blizzcon event, Activision Blizzard announced it will expand to add yet another source of revenue: a long-rumored feature film and television production studio called Activision Blizzard Studios. The new studio will work to bring the company’s IP to viewers around the world, and it looks to start with two of the biggest franchises.

According to Activision Blizzard’s press release, two projects that are likely to emerge from the new studio are a movie franchise based around the Call of Duty series and a television show based off of Skylanders. While Skylanders seems like a natural fit as an animated TV show, the Call of Duty announcement took some by surprise. Even more surprising is the fact that the release referred to the establishment of a “robust cinematic universe,” suggesting the films in the series may not be directly related, but would share a common setting.

I can’t think of a worse idea than a Call of Duty movie.

Of course people are idiots, so it’ll probably still make money.

A COD movie… I think we are scraping the bottom… Though maybe it could be good.
But I’m not giving any points for originality.

Though I’m kind of supprised they didn’t try to make skylanders into a tv show a while ago…

They are making a Skylanders TV show.

If it was about me… then I said that I was supprised they didn’t do it a while ago.

Agreed, I will be as far away from this planet as possible once a Call of Duty movie is released.

Aren’t they about to release the ‘Warcraft’ movie already… Or their own studio has no correlation to that CG movie yet?!

The Warcraft movie is by Legendary

But I’d still like to see something like a Starcraft movie, but I feel this type of thing is more for the Activision side rather than the Blizzard side.
I’m not interested at all in a COD movie

They deserve the name.
I hadn’t seen CGI characters that detailed since the Beowulf movie and their graphics level is even twice as good.

The Warcraft movie’s CGI is pretty good, but the compositing with the real world actors is pretty freaking terrible in the trailers. It’s jarring as **** (also, if most of your on screen characters are CGI, and your environments are CGI, why the hell bother using a handful of actors anyway?)

True that.

A significant amount of ppl watch any movie only for the actors in it. You know, weird ‘fan service’ stuff.
The usual marketing bs.