Active Play Mode Play as listener Controller issue

I have watched numerous tutorials. I have worked on playing with the multiplayer local options, and spawning characters. I am starting to delve into session multiplayer, and I am having an issue. When I run the PIE multiplayer with 2 players running as Listen Server. it launches 2 windows just fine. I am able to click each window independently and get to the part where i join a session. The sessions is successfully created(by server) and joined(by client)

However once the characters appear, my server controller (physical gamepad) controls the movement of both of the characters. Is there something special I have to do on the map/game mode/ instance when a player joins the session? I recently tested using player starts with auto input for each player (I am sure that it is not that easy.

Any tips or links for read/watch would be appreciated!


Any chance you can post screenshots of the controller bp? I have hunches…

Side note, PIE is horrible. I wish it wasn’t but I’ve noticed a difference in session connecting when launching the game from the uproject.
I.e. right-click the uproject and choose launch game, do it twice to launch two games so you can test connecting and how inputs behave among other functionality.

I am pretty sure my replication is not set right yet. But I thought OOTB the player characters were replicated for movement at least.

Ill post in a minute thanks!

All the projects are setup to replicate, this is true. Its dealing with finding and joining sessions that I’ve experience a difference in. I don’t know exactly what the difference is, but I remember PIE was connecting my players, but launching it was failing because I didn’t have the right setup. So I test through launching instead of PIE.

I do this more often with any project because of the difference between editor and launching. This is not the same as standalone also. It is specifically launching game from the uproject.​​​​​

Everything is base. Haven’t done much since i had to restart the entire project from 4.26 source and rebuild it in 4.25.4 source…

so i am just focusing on function before i pretty it up LOL

I just tried to launch from file. It opened but it opened full screen and couldnt get to the file to launch another and it locked my mouse. i am guessing i have to cancel that in project settings… LOL any idea what i gotta do? Sorry I am such a noob. i promise ill be better soon haha

Alt+tab…though you can get two off if you’re fast enough.:cool:

how do i make sure they dont overap?

AHH I got the alt tab thing. i never knew about that :open_mouth:

But same issue, server controller controls all the characters…

I see you’ve renamed some assets. Be sure your game mode and world settings have the right ones. Yes, even if it was renamed, double check.

That’s a good plan. Test, test, test. We can’t assume without testing.

Look into your project settings.

That sucks. I’ll shoot you a link when I’m at my pc.

Well I didnt migrate anything over. Its all literally recreated in 4.25 to avoid mis casts and naming mismatches. =/ Isnt fun going over all my logic. it is getting me to think deeper and more clearly and not swiftly go over logic and try to cover all grounds… this why i am, spending loads of time on each small detail =P

Thanks my friend! I owe you one!

I have 3 controllers plugged in PLUS my keyboard, weird how it is just focusing on one controller. It has to be something i am not setting up or linking. ::SHURG::…a-session.html

Do I have to get the number of players and assign an ID for each controller and/or give a player an index on each session join?

like get all players -> get length -> +1 spawn character and possess with that index?

ive never done it before im just brainstorming sitting here LOL

on the session join i am using get player controller and the index is 0…

I don’t think so. I haven’t done a lot of multiplayer, so it’s possible long term and/or for your needs.
Using Get Player Character [0] and Get Player Controller [0] should be find, since those numbers are for local/split-screen gameplay. Each client is their own, therefore it should be fine, as well as for testing.

Here’s the link, I watched it numerous times and took notes, I suggest the same, it’s very subtle the differences and way of thinking: Network Multiplayer Fundamentals | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Not to be a stick in the mud, but there is less friction if you make a single player game first, especially of varying scopes.

Thanks for the vid ill check it out =)

I built a few single player games (for the last year) (nothing launched for the real world obviously) and I am teased to learn multiplayer now… I got bit by that bug lol

I had it all correct. It was a simple checkbox in the end…

::head desk::

Glad it got sorted. I only have one gamepad so this is good to know if I get more.