Activating Nanite destroys meshes

Hey folks, I wanted to give a try to Nanite, and when I activated it, it destroyed the model quite a lot. Maybe I don’t have the right settings, but I suppose that with a 100% original tris it shouldn’t do that. Any help is welcome :smiley:


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Make sure you have DirectX12 set as active.
Go to Project Settings → Platforms → Windows → Default RHI → DirectX 12.
Nanite only works if DirectX 12 is activated apparently.

Your problem seems to be equal to this one:

So the fix might be the same.

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Thanks! That was it for sure. I had it applied to DX12 but somehow right then didn’t work still. I went back to the project today after some days off, and after this “fresh” start I guess it really applied DX12 now

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