Activating camera with 'Set Active'

I have 3 cameras and want to cycle them on key press. I have used attached screenshot in event graph of vehicle blueprint.
‘Third Person Camera’ is activated by default and when ‘F’ key is pressed once, it switches to ‘Driver Camera’ and when pressed again it switches to ‘Fork Camera’, but after that it stops switching cameras however many times ‘F’ key is pressed. It prints the correct camera name every time correctly though. Please help. Thanks.

Maybe you need to set active to false for previous camera?

Is this works at all? I mean do you really can see through them? I thought you can change cameras only using SetViewTarget.

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You have to set active to true for those which should work and set active to false which should not .

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@redbox Thanks, deactivating previous camera as you said did the trick! (screenshot attached)
Yes I can change and see through the cameras.

Is there a better / shorter way to achieve this?
Also I tried to replace ‘Set Active’ with ‘Set View Target With Blend’ node as you had mentioned, but it doesn’t let me attach from ‘GET’ node to ‘New View Target’ in ‘Set View Target With Blend’.
Thanks again.

@OoKushoO Thanks, yes deactivating made it work