Activating animation depending of where the enemy is shot

Hello, I am interested how to make multiple death animations of an enemy playing depending of where it is shot? Head, torso, etc.

Hi man ,
you just create a variable that can host an animation.
and use a “custom event” to play the animation that is stored in the variable.

When your enemy is hit by a damage, you have to pass or detect the location or direction of the hit, or the type of damage.
Based on these info you set the animation in the variable.
and than call the event to play it.

For example if you use “hit”
you can break the hit-result and access to impact-point or location and hit component .
So if you make your enemy of different static meshes like, head- torso-arm… you will get these info in the hit-component
And so you will be able to set the right animation for the death