Activates Actor when key is pressed.

I have a player start actor, and in my game I want you to press “R” when you mess up to restart the level or go back to Player Start I have this and what do I have to add to get this going?

Hi There

My first guess would be, after “R”, you would have to reset your level values so they they do not continue over.

I would set a BOOL after “R”, so that during you coding you could put a branch it and stop the flow of the game.

Then, if enable input is the beginning of your level. connect the last node after re-setting values back to enable input.

If you use node “open level” with the name of your current level in level name (you can set a variable to have set for each level) you will go back to start.

That is why you get the big bucks .

I Found that out right after I posted this thread but thanks anyway.