Activate Only 1 of 2 Simultaneous Overlap Events?

Hello friends. I’m building a Paper 2D game where I have my characters and AI enemies traverse a map by running into invisible trigger boxes at the edge of the screen, to teleport to a new screen. Kind of like some old Side Scroll RPGs. Except the screen you move to, isn’t always physically adjacent to your current screen. So I do a bit a math with the SetActorLocation node, to allow you and enemies to appear at an appropriate location on the new screen.
However, seeing as the screens are themselves rectangles, if you or an enemy hits the exact corner of the screen, you will overlap with both trigger boxes of the that corner, which both activate simultaneously, and screw up the math of where you should appear. Often outside the bounds of the game world.
Would any of you kind folks here, by chance know of a decent way in which I could allow only 1 of the 2 overlap events to occur? It wouldn’t really matter which one goes off, I just want to prevent them from both going off. From what I can tell, the 2nd SetActorLocation takes the new coordinates of the 1st, adds on to them, and then move you further away.
If anyone might now how to go about preventing this, or might have any information leading toward a solution. I would be very greatly appreciative. Please and Thank you. :slight_smile:

Can’t you check if one is being overlapped when the other is overlapped, and act in consequence to that? (Push the new player back instead of teleporting him)

How would you check if a character is already overlapping a different trigger box? And would that work if both trigger boxes are overlapped at the same time?

It may be worth to check this question about “Get Overlapping Actors”
That’s the node you should use to be able to to scale it to any number of platforms.

Well, after fiddling with GetOverlappingActors, and trying a few other methods. I’m not sure the issue is fixable. The problem is that if you start overlapping both trigger boxes at the same time, they both trigger, and neither will have the time to register that the character is overlapping the other trigger box. It happens too fast. I even made it so when the character enters one trigger box, it disables overlap events for the character completely. But because you hit both simultaneously, by the time that code goes through, the other trigger box has already activated. Thank you for your help, and if you have any more ideas, feel free to let me know. But I’m currently working on an alternative idea, of just trying to teleport the player back, in the case of this event occurring. Hopefully that can help mitigate the damage.

I’m not sure the issue is fixable…
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