Activate morph target when another asset is placed on character

So I have a hair mesh with a morph target and headphones for my character. I need to make activate my morph target when headphones are on character. (so the hair deforms under the headset). How I can do it in my character blueprint?

(I need it only for the demo scene to show off the model, so the simplest solution will do).

If you’ve got the morph target name, is there a reason you can’t just use a “Set Morph Target” node targeting the skeletal mesh component of the character?

(Beyond that, I suspect no one’s going to be able to give you better advice, as none of us likely know where/how you’re adding the headphones to the character in your blueprint logic.)

Yep. Morph target do the trick. But how do I connect the visibility of one component with the value of the morph target? (if headset = visible, then morph target= 1)

I mean, how are you setting headset = visible in the first place? If it’s being done in code, I would assume you could set the morph target value in the same spot.

If the headphones are being set visible in some other fashion… I mean, I guess there’s the nuclear option of adding something to the actor Tick that checks if the headphones are visible, then sets the morph target accordingly. That seems inefficient at best, but if this is just a temporary thing and doesn’t need to be a good long-term solution…